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Residential & Commercial Conveyancing

Buying or selling your home, starting up a new business, or simply expanding your current one can be an exciting time. However, we understand that the settlement process can also be confusing and stressful.

However, we understand that the settlement process can also be confusing and stressful.

At Liedig & Associates, we’re here to help ensure a seamless, timely transaction.

Our skilled conveyancers are able to advise on proposed contracts and relevant forms, including Form 1, prior to signing.

We also offer independent advice on the implications of any special conditions as well as your obligations and responsibilities.

Together, we can ensure you are informed and prepared throughout the settlement process.

Following your cooling-off period, we are able to you assist with:

  • Reviewing lease agreements
  • Calculating adjustments to rates and taxes
  • Engaging with your vendor or purchaser’s conveyancer and relevant banks
  • Prepare transfer documents
  • Calculate Government Stamp Duty and relevant concessions, where applicable
  • Prepare your Settlement Statement
  • Notifying SA Water, Revenue SA, local councils and relevant Strata or community managers

We also offer a range of transfer services, including:

  • Family or matrimonial transfers
  • Private Sales
  • Business Transactions
  • Land Divisions
  • Plan Amendments (including boundary realignments and Strata applications)
  • Leases
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Applications to register Change of Name
  • Caveats (registration and removal)
  • Mortgages
  • Registration of Death
  • Registration of Marriage
  • Assignments
  • Government Searches.
  • Creation and amendments to easements

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