Land Division Applications

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Anywhere from a simple one to two divisions, to a multi-story, complex Community division, we have the personal experience and expertise to guide you through the process.

What will you need to do?

Firstly, you will need to have in mind a plan of how you wish you divide the land. We would suggest at this point, you speak with the relevant council to ensure they allow for what you are after.

You will then need to instruct a Surveyor to undertake the requirements firstly of dividing the Land and submitting a preliminary plan with council.

With extensive experience working with these transactions, we have plenty of recommendations for a Surveyor. Please contact us for contact details.

What will the Surveyor do?

The Surveyor prepares the relevant documentation for lodgement and approval from the Development Assessment Commission (DAC).

Identify the boundaries and easements, the Surveyor will attend the site and conduct necessary surveys of the land. The Surveyor will then prepare a fully certified Land/Community plan and will arrange lodgement with the Lands Titles Office.

The Surveyor will monitor the process of the application with DAC and confirm with you once fees are to be paid and requirements are to be met.

What will Liedig and Associates do?

Once the Surveyor has confirmed lodgement with DAC we will also stay in close contact with the Surveyor to obtain updates for approval.

We will then prepare the relevant Land Division documents and coordinate consent with the Mortgagee (if applicable). Dependent on the complexity of the Land Division (i.e. Community Divisions) we may need to prepare By-Laws and Scheme Descriptions and engage a Valuer to prepare statutory Lot Entitlements.

Once the Application has been stamped, lodged and deposited at the Lands Titles Office, new Titles are issued in accordance with the Plans.

If you would like any advice on Land Divisions or to discuss the process in more detail, please contact our office to discuss.

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