Private Contracts and Form 1’s

We are highly experienced and offer residential and commercial conveyancing, land division and community title application services from our Adelaide office.

If you already have a Purchaser for the property you wish to sell, we encourage you to contact us to prepare a Private Contract. Having a Conveyancer assist with a private sale, not only ensures the documentation is tailored to your needs but also means you won’t need to list your property with a Real Estate Agent.

We work with you to ensure the terms of the Contract of Sale are suitable (including purchase price, settlement date and any special conditions). We then arrange for appropriate government searches to be completed in compliance with the Form 1 regulations and issue the Form 1 together with the Contract of Sale to the Purchaser.

It is our job as your Conveyancer to ensure the sale of the property being conducted privately, complies with the Real Property Act.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team to enquire about Private Contracts and the process involved, we are here to assist with any queries you may have.

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